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All children are worthy of having loving and supportive families. On any given day in Oregon, there are 7,570* children in foster care. Within that population includes youth in Therapeutic Foster Care programs who are predisposed to having higher emotional, social and physical needs than the general foster population, Boys & Girls Aid and programs provide a community of partnership with its TFC parents in order to aid in providing guidance, support and stability for TFC youth in need. Sharing the goal of increasing public awareness around TFC while increasing the total number of therapeutic foster parents, the Therapeutic Foster Care Recruitment Collaborative was born.


If it were easy, it wouldn’t be rewarding. Since 1885 that message has consistently run parallel with every decision made to help foster children in crisis. Finding the right homes that will nurture their needs, while preparing them for a brighter future. 


Create. Increase. Sustain. The goal behind any great campaign is to build awareness and confidence. We wanted to flip the script and focus on the rewards parents receive from the fostering relationship, not the stereotypical visuals and messaging from the children’s perspective. It was important to focus on the mutual benefits of fostering. When it comes to foster care, and the needs of foster children, those goals are much more specific and the stakes are much higher. Finding the perfect container to tell a complex story is an art. So it only makes sense to use children’s art to tell the amazing stories of foster families. Also, the job of being a foster parent is no small order. Providing the community with all the tools necessary to feel confident and supported is a great way retain foster parents. Our goal was to promise the mutual rewards and benefits of becoming a superhero to a child in need.